Map of the Garden
Garden Guidelines and Tips

We have a garden at SVES as a learning resource for our students and staff. It is a living laboratory for hands-on engagement with our local environment for science, social studies, health, math, literacy, and social emotional learning. It is a shared resource for our school and members of the community, so we will do our best to include and consider others who may be using the garden, both during the school year and during the summer.

Students should always be with a supervising adult in the garden. Keep on the straw-covered areas between the beds, not in or on the raised beds themselves. There are flower bulbs planted in areas between beds for the springtime. Try to avoid stepping on those. The only flowers now planted in the raised beds are marigolds (to repel insects) and violas (in the watermelon bed). Don’t eat anything in the garden without permission of a teacher. When in doubt, don’t eat it, bring it in for identification first. Students should always be supervised when using tools in the garden. Lock the gate when leaving to keep the garden safe from critters.